FATSABBATS originated in December 2019 as a self-managed establishment in the center of Brussels.
In 2022, it undergoes a transformation, becoming a nomadic entity and proudly positioning itself as a cultural, supportive, and inclusive space initiated and managed BY and FOR LGBTQIA+ persons of color communities
We are a collective of 1O women and non-binary individuals, each with unique ethnic backgrounds, and our ages range from 2O to 4O. Among us, we have students, artists, and job-seekers. FATSABBATS operates based on its unique principles and establishes a mutual support network, harnessing the diverse expertise within our community. We strive to create solutions by tapping into both formal and informal KNOWLEDGE and skill sets.
FATSABBATS exchanges practices, puts forth proposals, and discovers resources rooted in collective wisdom. Throughout the years, FATSABBATS has consistently pursued its missions, evolving by creating spaces, occasions, landmarks, havens, and valuable resources.



Our goal is to create spaces that reflect us and that center around our communities, which are often rendered invisible. Our audiences are active participants in the transmission of skills, both in terms of KNOW-HOW and KNOW-BEING.
These are spaces for experimentation, arts, dialogues, transmissions, and care. These spaces enable the community to put into practice all the resources exchanged through SELF-MANAGEMENT: conferences, discussion groups, live performances, performing arts, exhibitions, yoga, and more.
The organization is open to a broad audience; however, we prioritize individuals identifying as women, persons of color, LGBTQIA+, representing identities that are sometimes fragmented and often marginalized, breathing life into FATSABBATS.
On a large scale, FATSABBATS conceives itself as a polymorphic space, a network where resources are designed, shared, and exchanged by the individuals concerned and their allies.


Cultural development and solidarity lie at the core of FATSABBATS's project, aiming to provide VISIBILITY and a VOICE to those who may not necessarily find it within traditional or mainstream institutions.

Thanks to the support and collaboration of institutions attentive to our concerns and eager to engage with our audiences and values, FATSABBATS's nomadic format temporarily finds its place within the walls of public cultural spaces in Brussels.

FATSABBATS remains the grand assembly of witches. It is also a place of celebration, an event that facilitates connections and unfolds in accordance with our values of INCLUSION and SOLIDARITY.